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Shiro Mansion is the decrepit old manor that watches over Shinrin village. It’s original foundation is lost in the mists of time after being expanded and rebuilt several times over the centuries. It was finally abandoned after the Shiros, Shinrin’s noble family, were wiped out during the Unification Wars. Now it’s little more than a ruin standing atop a hill that commands a view of Shinrin and its surrounding forests and hills.


The Shiros were an old and respected noble family, though not one of any great political import. Though fairly wealthy, they lived simply and enjoyed few luxuries, avoiding anything ostentatious. The family home was large but practical, its surroundings well hidden behind an encircling peach tree orchard. A small shrine lost in this vast orchard is the final resting place of several deceased family members.

A point of pride among Shiros was that each generation should make its own way in life, starting out with a small inheritance and earning a living through business, adventuring, or public service. Its last heir, Iwao Shiro, had travelled to foreign lands as an adventurer and mercenary and had returned rich, fuelling Shinrin’s last revival. In time, though, he secluded himself to his family home, which over time fell into disrepair. Iwao, having become a scholarly hermit poring over texts day and night, barely eating and seldom sleeping, was last seen years ago. His extensive collection of books are all that remains.

Before the Doboros took over, Shinrin’s inhabitants refused to go near the mansion out of folklore fear.

The Drive

Shiro mansion’s drive has fallen into disrepair, overgrown with weeds and knotted roots. The carriage entrance, once a grand walled affair, is little more than a dirt circle infested with overgrowth with a few collapsed stone bricks lining it.

The Mansion

Now a ruin, Shiro mansion once boasted three stories and was considered one of Kaigan’s most exquisite examples of pre-imperial architecture. A dwarf-aided construction, its foundations remain sturdy after decades of desolation and exposure to the weather. The mansion has fairly lightweight wooden interior doors that open easily unless locked. The mansion has wood-covered stone floors at ground level and wooden floors in the upper story.

Its basement is massive, a necessity given the family’s numerous members at one time. It is here that one can really appreciate a dwarf’s hand in its design and construction.

The Orchard

The area behind the mansion includes the remains of a formal garden, an overgrown hedge maze, and a stone shrine. A veritable thicket of gnarled old fruit trees has grown up here. There doesn’t seem to be a straight or healthy trunk or bough in the bunch. A thick mat of fallen leaves, broken branches, and rotting fruit covers the ground underfoot, leaving only a few tufts of scraggly weeds growing here and there.

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