Raised by his uncle, Tenma Oreki, owner and sensei at the dojo of a little and barely known village named Torinokosa Reru (Left behind) on the southeast region of Azuma. It’s secluded by a really thick fog, which only lets you see till the outskirts of the village, and nothing more. The village was under the control of a military powerful daimyo, which was known to supply many soldiers to the Shoguns Army. The people from the village are very quiet, introvert, and each life seems to be holding few but very important secrets. The whole air sinks of impotence.

In one of the resistance battles is where his father dies, leaving her pregnant wife widowed. After giving birth to him, she asks his brother in law to take care of him and then leaves the village.

Growing on a dojo at a village, Taman was raised to be a very humble and respectful child. He could live with very little, and most of the time his mind was present on the very moment. The few exceptions happened when wondered about everything else that could be happening on the other side of the fog and beyond. From a very young age, Taman had a outstanding curiosity for swords and how to manipulate them. His abilities were quite similar to the ones of his peers, but his approach to the art shown an ambition not often seen. He forwent a rigorous training with all kinds of weapons. Though he wasn’t as strong as the masters, he could maintain a fight with them, something he always looked forward as for him it was the best way to learn. Since the village was still under the oppression of the daimyo, the dojo pupils who reached maturity at the age of 17, would be summoned to battles, and seemingly, all the village would have to work to the limit of what their bodies could afford to supply the daimyo demands. This had been happening for many years before Taman, and villagers watch their sons leaving to death one after the others, feeding the depression in their hearts.

Taman is now 17 years old, and has lost many friends this year so on the day one of his closest friends is summoned, he decides to secretly followed them, with the hope of getting a clue on why they never came back. The outcomes of his decision would prove to be unpredictable for even the most powerful diviners.

After a half day trip, they reached Kaze no arimasen meadow. Taman was hiding on the top of a tree and between the fog and the darkness, it was very difficult to see what was happening, so he had to be closer than the distance he would have preferred.

Suddenly, the Daimyo’s Counselor arrived. The moment he left his finger, the army soldiers killed the 11 young apprentices. As their bodies laid cold in the ground, the counselor took of his staff and started what would seemed to be a ritual. Clouds gather above him, and soon thunders were falling everywhere around. One or two minutes later, the souls from the dead bodies arise, and with a few words the counselor make them form in line, and start marching towards de Daimyos castle, an unreachable fortress for anyone not known by the Daimyos most closest ones.

As soon as they started marching, one of the thunders struck the tree next to Taman, causing him to fall blunt on the ground. The army soldiers were quick to go and get him, but the counselor order not to. Instead, the 11 spirits marched towards him. Taman mentally paralyzed by the fear, took too long to react, but still was able to start running just before getting caught.  He ran and ran, the fog couldn’t let him see anything upfront, but at the same time gave him cover of the threat that followed him. Somewhere while escaping, he lost the scent of time and orientation. Exhausted, he ended on his knees on some cold stone floor, and then he collapsed, thinking of all the friends he lost, who were now dead, and used for who knows what purposes. All this thinking ended the moment he lost consciousness.

He had landed on Shi no nagare, one of the many forgotten temples of the dead at Azuma.

Maybe a minute, maybe an hour or even days could have past since his escape, when someone, no, something woke him up. Surrounded by some kind of evil and powerful aura, this entity charmed the confused and unsettled Taman.

This arch devil named Dispater, is known in the Nine Hells as the Lord of the Iron City of Dis. Hi is the patron of war and intrigue. He is vigilant beyond compare, weaving a web of impenetrable defenses around himself and his holdings. His plans are far-reaching, taking generations to come to fruition. Somehow he got into Taman’s head, reviving all this feelings of impotence and desires of revenge on him. He could see in Taman’s eyes the fear and the rage. That’s when he offered him to get rid of the fear, and instead give him the power to take action though it would take time. Taman would have to train and become stronger by his own means, and with this, other powers would follow. The only thing Dispater asked in return was for Taman to someday put an end to the Daimyo controlling that region and free his village of these evil doers. Taman, confused, agreed, not even knowing the costs this trade would later imply, and then a dense force rushed trough him. for some seconds, that for him seemed like weeks.

2 months have passed since these events, and Taman is now arriving to Toen, after a long and difficult journey, looking for ways to get stronger and to learn more about this evil force that sometimes awakes inside him.

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  • Valentin Fezza says:

    Capitalize your shit: Torinokosa Reru
    It’s; it is.
    Como es que el shogun encuentra el village entre tanto mist? Esa historia debe ser interesante!
    Sinks != reeks
    HIS pregnant wife widowed.
    … brother-in-law…
    Kaze No Arimasen.
    Shi No Nagare.

  • Nicolas Galli Zabalaga says:

    awesome image!

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