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December 2015


By History5 Comments

Shinrin is a little village in northern Kaigan Province. Its modern incarnation is a resettlement of an ancient town that has been destroyed countless times. It was last razed during the…

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Ferrum Carbo

By History2 Comments

“… someone once told me, ‘Time is a flat circle.’ And everything we’ve ever done, or will do, we’re gonna do over and over and over again. And those adventurers, they’re gonna be…

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Teihoshan Deep

By HistoryOne Comment

Information The Teihoshan Deep, also known as the True Iron Deep, is the fabled domain of Thane Makt of the Drowned Dwarves. A chasm where legendary mining operations once provided the Teihoshan Kingdom with…

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By NPCsNo Comments

The traditional aarakocra wind monks of Kyodai. They participate and observe the principal imperial rituals and spiritual ocassions. Their territory in Kyodai is considered sacred ground and forbidden to enter…

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